Using Instagram to Sell High End Products

Think Instagram is just for the working class and not extravagance shoppers who’d purchase your top of the line items?


Extravagance worldwide customers love Instagram – most likely more than even us customary people.

As indicated by Instagram:

“Extravagance worldwide shoppers (Instagrammers who fall into the accompanying levels of pay: €125,001+ EUR in France, Germany, Italy. £125,001+ in the UK, 450,001+ AED in UAE, $115,000–$199,999 in the US) are a universal clan of exceptionally determined and fruitful people who search out the best that life brings to the table, and discover it on Instagram. ”

In any case, what do they do on Instagram?

This is the reason you need a solid nearness on Instagram – to draw in and associate with your extravagance shopper base. It’s the simplest and best approach to acquaint enormous spenders with your top notch brand and product offering.

Try not to utilize Instagram for hard selling. Use it to delicately push potential clients into your business pipe.

Here’s the way you can do that.

Advance Your Mission Creatively Through Posts and Stories

Most extravagance brands have a mission that separates them from different brands.

For @BrilliantEarth, it’s making morally sourced and feasible adornments.

For @Ferrari, it’s making novel games vehicles.

For @Rolex, it’s to advance the buy of wristwatches as a reward for key triumphs.

Since your market is specialty and you’re focusing on extravagance buyers, you have to continually remind them why they should purchase from you.

– What’s your central goal?

– What’s your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

There are a plenty of ways you can innovatively advance your main goal on Instagram and associate with similarly invested shoppers:

Discussion about mission-related items.

Host short meetings with your representatives where they talk about your image’s central goal.

Record a live session with the brand’s CEO or organizer talking about the brand’s history and mission.

In the event that your image bolsters any magnanimous associations, at that point an excursion to that altruistic association is consistently a decent touch.

Hashtag battles around your central goal to teach buyers.

Utilize the “feature stories alternative” accessible on Instagram. Add every one of these presents on features with the title “Our central goal” or something like that.

Make Content That Demonstrates Your Product

“55% of Instagrammers in the UK and US pursue extravagance brands to discover motivation, remain over patterns and find out about the most recent extravagance items.”

Teaching buyers about your superior items and product offering is fundamental. Customers utilize online networking to find new, drifting brands and item revelation. So you have to give them what they need through outwardly dazzling item posts.

What items and product offerings do you have?

What’s the manner of thinking behind making them?

What’s your structure procedure?

What’s your creation procedure?

“The huge gatherings comprehended they needed to put more in encounters – what occurs around a catwalk appear, shows, store openings. That is what’s costly, not the innovation. That is what’s changed in the previous five to eight years.”  –Uche Pezard, CEO of Luxe Corp, which exhorts marks on procedure.

Here are a couple of ways you can take clients through your voyage:

Make off camera film of the item configuration process, occasions you took an interest in, new items you’re propelling – anything that demonstrates the exertion that goes into making the ideal extravagance item for your shoppers.

@Chanel does it with flawlessness.

Take tastefully satisfying item shots with shocking lighting and extraordinary settings. Experience the feeds of extravagance brands and you’ll be awestruck at the nature of visuals they transfer. The better the image, the better their item will look on Instagram.

Display your plan and creation process. @tomdixonstudio made a staggering moderate sketch of a wingback that is in the creation procedure.

Join recordings in your Instagram promoting methodology – add an excursion to your store, a period slip by video of an item being made, or possibly an item show.

@TomFord demonstrates a short and basic video of their spic and span temples stone carver being utilized on a model:

Use Stories to always instruct and draw in with your customers.

Grandstand Distinctive Elements of Your Brand

What separates your image from endless others in your specialty? Extravagance brands have some particular components to their items that give them an edge over other extravagance and center level brands. There’s a sure “oomph” that lifts them.

For @BrilliantEarth, it is their:

Brilliant craftsmanship

Their central goal: to make and advance maintainable adornments. Notice how they reliably notice their morally sourced gems and strife free precious stones in their inscriptions and hashtags.

This gives them a ground-breaking edge over their rivals.

Also, this is the thing that they ceaselessly feature all through their Instagram content.

At the point when individuals purchase top of the line items, that qualification is significant. Disentangle the purchasing procedure for your buyers by demonstrating it more than once through posts, stories, and different types of substance on Instagram.

One of the manners in which you can do that is by transferring nitty gritty shots and recordings of novel components of your item.

Here is a case of @Chanel winning again on Instagram with amazing item posts:

@Hermes makes unbelievably straightforward, moderate, imaginative visuals of their items:

@Rolex demonstrates a nitty gritty shot of a thousand precious stones:

Additionally, look at this astounding video featuring the interesting components of the Rolex Sky-Dweller:

Employing an In-House Social Media Manager versus Redistributing

In-house online networking administrator versus re-appropriating your web based life?


There is no positive answer. Everything relies upon how prepared your image is to deal with web based life – in the event that you can contract a group of specialists who can without much of a stretch make abnormal state Instagram content, dissect it, and build up the ideal Instagram methodology for your image, at that point you’re in an ideal situation working with them.

They’re personally familiar with your items, they can work intimately with your structure and creation groups, they can conceptualize with the creatives who work for your image and utilize the information produced to make a very successful and effective internet based life plan.

@BrilliantEarth has its own group of internet based life specialists and they make the majority of their own Instagram content. This gives their items the genuineness an extravagance brand needs.

Be that as it may, in case you’re a little group and don’t have an internet based life supervisor, you can re-appropriate it to a group of specialists like Jumper Media.

They’re apt, have proficient gear to make excellent substance, and are experienced working with comparable brands. They comprehend what will work with your shoppers and what won’t. To put it plainly, on the off chance that you don’t have mastery available, you can re-appropriate your internet based life to specialists.

Validness is everything in the realm of extravagance items.

Utilizing User-Generated Content (UCG)

An extraordinary method to add legitimacy to your image is by utilizing client created visuals with minutes that relate to the item genuinely. Accounts of genuine individuals and genuine minutes reverberate well with buyers of various sorts – , particularly extravagance customers.

Factually, UGC completes significantly superior to anything substance made by the brand itself – UGC fan recordings get multiple times a bigger number of perspectives than brand content. It furnishes you with incredible substance as well as lifts your commitment levels on Instagram.

For instance, since Brilliant Earth is a gems brand, pictures of commitment, weddings, and off the cuff proposition in faintly lit, top of the line cafés function admirably for them. These photos are typically of extraordinary quality since they’re expertly taken.

Clients are commonly eager to get their photos reposted on brands’ profile pages. You should simply discover inventive approaches to urge them to take pictures and recordings showing your items.

Perhaps the most ideal approaches to do that is by running sweepstakes, challenges, and giveaways.


Disney’s #ShareYourEars battle is an incredible case of urging purchasers to impart their substance to Disney and use it to connect with others.

As indicated by their official site, “Disney has helped award in excess of 130,000 wishes during its 40-year association with Make-A-Wish, including one out of each two wishes in the United States.”

The battle has not recently created client content, it has likewise featured their central goal.

Join forces With Influencers Who Align With Your Mission


Rolex began a hashtag battle via web-based networking media and worked together with top-level influencers who’ve made colossal progress in the various aspects of their lives. This crusade repeats the way that Rolex isn’t only a watch, yet an honor, a treasure to be passed on for ages to come, and an ownership to be loved.

Since Rolex is an extravagance brand, they connected themselves with very effective people – individuals that their intended interest group turn upward to. What’s more, it was a thundering achievement.

An existence with Libby

Splendid Earth accomplices with influencers who are keen on manageable design and clean excellence. They as of late joined forces with Libby Vilner of Life with Libby to commend her commitment.

They banded together with her since she’s an immense supporter of clean excellence and her perspectives line up with Brilliant Earth’s statement of purpose. Here’s her story in her own words.

Discover influencers that are keen on your central goal, your novel customized structures and who can truly show that plan and show how it fits into their way of life. Be extremely fastidious about picking the correct influencers – it needs to feel genuine and the substance should be of truly elevated quality for it

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