Increase Book Sales [A Step-by-Step Guide + Case Studies]

It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re independently published or generally distributed or up ’til now unpublished. In case you’re a writer, you realize that so as to sell your books, you need online life. It’s probably the speediest approaches to get the updates on your book out to huge amounts of individuals immediately.

What’s more, there are a lot of online life stages to browse. As a creator, you don’t have room schedule-wise or vitality to do them all. That is the reason perhaps the best thing you can accomplish for your composition and distributing vocation is pick a couple of stages and learn them truly well.

You know which two are overly advantageous to use furthering your potential benefit? Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook possesses Instagram, which implies that sharing photographs, recordings, and stories from Instagram to Facebook (however not the other way around) is easy. In any case, beyond a shadow of a doubt: the two stages have various qualities with regards to showcasing your books.

Individuals will in general look through Instagram searching for good photography, motivation, and previews of people groups’ lives. On Facebook, they’re progressively centered around staying up with the latest with recent developments and with what individuals make of those occasions.

In this guide, you’ll find how to utilize Facebook and Instagram together to pick up heaps of new fans and increment book deals en route.

The Basics: Start With Facebook on the off chance that You Haven’t Already

Contingent upon when you were conceived, you may have had a Facebook record some time before Instagram went ahead the scene. Or on the other hand possibly you’re a Millennial or even Gen Z-er who doesn’t have a favorable opinion of Facebook.

In any case, you have to begin your book advertising venture with Facebook. A greater number of individuals use Facebook than some other web based life website, for a certain something. What’s more, when you have a Facebook, you can without much of a stretch offer Instagram content onto it.

Here’s the means by which it works. On the off chance that you don’t as of now have a Facebook account, make one. It’s simpler currently to make a creator page than it’s at any point been. You should simply choose the ‘Make’ tab on your own record’s landing page and pick the main choice — “Page.”

Facebook will at that point solicit you which type from page you need to make. For the most part, in case you’re a writer, you’ll pick “Business or Brand” since you’re a writer meaning to sell books.

The last advance before transferring your profile and spread photographs is to give fundamental sorting data about your page. In the picture beneath, I utilized my very own name to make ‘”Laura Melchor Books,” sorted under “Writer.” You can likewise essentially utilize your writer name.

You’ll be approached to transfer a profile and spread photograph. It’s keen to utilize a photograph of yourself (whichever one you’ve been utilizing to advance your books) as your profile photograph. For your spread photograph, transfer a photograph of your book’s spread, on the off chance that you have one.

When you’re set up, you’ll see this format before you. Facebook will give you goodies of data about how to utilize the business page highlights. It’ll likewise request that you welcome companions to like your page. (For sparing time, I left off the spread and profile pictures for my model writer page beneath.)

Welcome every one of your companions. They can acknowledge or decrease — the decision is up to them. You’ll see that a significant number of your companions will readily “like” your page, particularly on the off chance that they’re genuine associations.

That is one perfect thing about Facebook: the individuals who pursue your page as of now are associated with you somehow or another. They’re as of now prepared to need to track with on your composition voyage and read the books you distribute!

In the event that you just began on Facebook, it’ll set aside some effort to develop your companions list, yet you can welcome even your most up to date companions to like your page.

Round out the same number of the subtleties as you can — a page portrayal, instructive/work foundation, etc —   and afterward head over to your cell phone to make an Instagram account.

Instagram 101

In the event that you don’t as of now have an Instagram, it’s anything but difficult to set up a business or individual page. What’s more, in the event that you have an individual page you need to transform into a business page, that is anything but difficult to do, as well. Swipe appropriate to discover the “Settings” catch at the base of the screen. Snap it, and you’ll discover these choices.

Next, click the “Record” tab. At the base of that page you’ll discover “Change to Business Account.” Click on that and your own page will transform into a business account that appreciates all the awesome advertising highlights to enable you to sell your books.

Pursue our well ordered manual for Instagram business records to get set up.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to post some substance. For your first photograph, take a decent shot of yourself and transfer it alongside a brisk presentation of your identity, what you do, and what you’re eager to impart to your devotees (and potential perusers!).

Make a point to make line breaks, in light of the fact that nobody needs to drive through a tremendous lump of content to become more acquainted with you. Include the same number of important hashtags as you’d like.

New adherents will need to see a functioning record, so post a couple of more shots to Instagram. I like this one without anyone else’s input distributed creator @leilanilopez.

Initial, a pleasant selfie with an espresso cup. Since everybody realizes creators should basically have espresso IVs, they drink it to such an extent.

At that point an inscription that gives her adherents access on her composition procedure. She’s simply wrapped up a novel, and in light of the fact that she gets inquiries on what comes after she finishes a draft, she’s chosen to answer them in a post. This individual goody is certain to please fans!

Before you begin looking for devotees, post one more photograph. @leilanilopez makes another keen writer move with this mystery quote from her destined to-be-discharged book.

I don’t peruse paranormal stories, yet this statement gives me chills — positively. I need to discover what this story is about, thus will Leilani’s supporters. Utilize a site like Canva to make your very own convincing statement illustrations utilizing mysteries from your books.

Offer Your First Three Instagram Posts to Facebook

In the event that you haven’t connected your Facebook and Instagram accounts, do that now. This makes sharing your Instagram photographs to Facebook unfathomably simple.

In any case, you’ll need to change your IG posts before you share them to Facebook, on the grounds that as we referenced before, you’re addressing two unique crowds. On Instagram, utilizing your every one of the 30 hashtag spaces is an extraordinary method to get individuals to discover you. On Facebook, it’s an incredible method to get individuals irritated at you.

So what do you do?

Pick ONE hashtag for Facebook and use it with each post. Dissimilar to on Instagram, individuals really connect more with posts on Facebook that lone element one hashtag. What’s more, in the event that you reliably utilize the equivalent hashtag, every one of your posts will be gathered in a query item.

Here’s my case of how I changed an Instagram post to make it Facebook-prepared. On my creator Instagram page, I posted a photograph with a short inscription and a few hashtags:

I needed to share this photograph to Facebook, so I balanced it. I added more data to the post on the grounds that as I noted before, Facebook clients love to see data. I likewise adhered to one hashtag that portrays what I do flawlessly — and that I have utilized on past Facebook posts about my life as an author.

Coincidentally, you can utilize emoticons on Facebook. One investigation, done by Agorapulse, demonstrated that utilizing one emoticon toward the start of a Facebook post expanded impressions (number of screens your post shows up on), commitment, and snaps. The equivalent can be valid for Instagram.

Not every person likes to see emoticons constantly, however, so shifting back and forth among emoticon and non-emoticon posts on both Facebook and Instagram can shield individuals from becoming weary of seeing emoticons.

Discovering Instagram Followers

You didn’t need to leave Instagram to alter and post your substance onto Facebook —   great, isn’t that so? Since you’re still on Insta, we should discuss how to discover individuals to associate with.

We have an extraordinary guide on the best way to get natural supporters, and now we should delve into what, explicitly, works for creators.

Complete a hashtag search to discover the individuals who read what you compose and compose what you compose (in light of the fact that they’re probably going to be science fiction perusers, as well). In the event that you compose science fiction, search hashtags like

#ireadscifi (100+ posts)

#scifireader (100+ posts)

#scifiwriter (5000+ posts)

#sciencefictionnovel (5000+ posts)

#amwritingscifi (14.8K posts)

#scifinovel (17.1K posts)

#scifiworld (30.3K posts)

#scifibooks (68.5K posts)

Inside those labels, pursue individuals whose substance you like. Ideally, they’ll tail you back and you’ll have earned a potential fan. Feel free to remark on a couple of their posts, as well, and do this consistently.

At the point when individuals remark on your posts, set aside the effort to react. This will keep your associations solid and your Instagram page dynamic, which means more individuals will see it and tail it.

Post a few composition or creator related photographs and inscriptions every day, just as a few Instagram stories consistently. Utilize a wide scope of hashtags like those recorded above with the goal that a wide range of individuals can discover you.

Offer a couple of your day by day Instagram presents on Facebook — subsequent to changing them with additional information or feeling + your ONE extraordinary hashtag.

To Find More Followers + Fans, Run a Book Giveaway

Instagram book giveaways are gold mines for new adherents, yet in addition for potential long lasting enthusiasts of your books. You give away a duplicate of your book, getting your adherents (both present and new) overly amped up for you and your composition.

Despite the fact that there’s commonly just a single victor in a giveaway, everybody who participated in the challenge will have your book at the forefront of their thoughts and will most likely purchase a duplicate just to ensure they haven’t passed up anything.

On the off chance that you’ve just got a book out or discharging soon, run a giveaway on your Instagram page with labels like #authorgiveaway and #newbookgiveaway. Not certain how to run a giveaway?


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