12 Questions to Ask a Micro-Influencer Before You Start Working With Them

Influencer showcasing has made some amazing progress in the previous couple of years.

In case you’re scanning for a successful advertising procedure to satisfy your image mindfulness, commitment or deals objectives, influencer showcasing can possibly be the route forward.

As indicated by Linqia, 92% of advertisers utilizing influencer promoting observed it to be fruitful.

You may expect that you’d need a broad promoting spending plan to work with the top web-based social networking influencers. In any case, working with a smaller scale influencer can prompt victories at a lower cost to your business.

A miniaturized scale influencer is somebody with 10,000 to 50,000 devotees. While a miniaturized scale influencer may have less supporters than top influencers, they will in general have great commitment rates with a well-associated network in their specialty.

In the event that you plan on working with a smaller scale influencer, it’s imperative to decide a couple of elements before believing them with your promoting effort.

Working with a miniaturized scale influencer can cost you around $500 for an Instagram post, so realizing that you’re paying for a conceivably effective showcasing effort that meets your objectives is basic.

How might you guarantee achievement when functioning with a miniaturized scale influencer?

You have to ask them promoting inquiries when you approach them.

What Should You Ask a Social Media Influencer?

Recognizing what inquiries to pose to web based life influencers encourages you to decide whether the smaller scale influencer is the opportune individual to work with your image

Take a stab at utilizing these influencer showcasing inquiries addresses when you approach miniaturized scale influencers:

[Question #1] Do You Relate to Our Target Audience?

Utilize your objective client profile to comprehend your crowd and connect this with the group of spectators of potential influencers you intend to work with.


For instance, in case you’re a dress brand that needs to target youthful experts who are physically dynamic and wellbeing cognizant, at that point you would prefer not to work with an influencer who likes to target celebration goers (not unreasonably a physically dynamic, sound youthful expert can’t be a celebration goer, yet there’s an alternate vibe to the substance).

Asking an influencer whether they accept they identify with your intended interest group gives you more understanding into their image, which causes you decide whether they’re a decent match.

[Question #2] What Type of Content Do You Produce?

Soliciting a small scale influencer what type from substance they produce will help your advertising effort, regardless of whether you can see with your own eyes what sort of substance they produce when you visit their Instagram profile.


At the point when an influencer can plainly reveal to you what sort of substance they produce, you realize they have comparative qualities to you and your image character as a primary concern when they consent to work with you.

Keep in mind, an influencer’s substance is an impression of their image character, which may not be perfect with the picture you’re attempting to depict.

For example, in case you’re a family-accommodating brand, working with an influencer who doesn’t depict this way of life could make your battle put on a show of being inauthentic, hurting both the influencer and your image.

It’s critical to guarantee that the substance an influencer produces for you is going to supplement your image. Your group of spectators should feel that it’s a decent match, particularly in case you’re wanting to expand brand mindfulness or increment deals.

[Question #3] Can You Meet Our Deadlines?

This is one of those down to earth addresses you’d figure you don’t need to ask, however it’s in every case best to get it out in the open.


In the event that you have another item propelling, you may have certain due dates that you wish to meet. In any case, it’s ideal to guarantee you have a particular due date for your smaller scale influencer to meet your promoting rules.

Furthermore, you’ll need to check how rapidly your small scale influencer reacts to messages and messages. Deferrals in answering can mean postponements in distributing your substance.

Influencers who are anything but difficult to arrive at will in general work better with brands, because of their great correspondence and energy.

[Question #4] What Are Your Engagement Metrics?

A significant measurement to search for is commitment. How connected with are the smaller scale influencer’s group of spectators with their substance?

See likes, remarks, and offers. While preferences can show great commitment, they can be effectively bought by means of online stages.

Offers and remarks require more exertion. Investigate who is leaving remarks on their posts and if these appear to be certifiable.

Counterfeit influencers mean you’re not going to accomplish victories from your advertising efforts, as these small scale influencers don’t really have any impact over their group of spectators. Abstain from getting ripped off by checking for false examination.


In the event that their commitment measurements are low, you may wish to work with different influencers.

Instagram has a standard commitment pace of somewhere in the range of 3% and 6%, so anything over this is viewed as phenomenal.

Facebook and Twitter will in general have pattern commitment paces of somewhere in the range of 0.5% and 1%.

The most straightforward of influencers will be more than willing to give you explicit commitment measurements, yet how explicit you need their reaction to be relies upon what you’re searching for.

[Question #5] Do You Have Any Other Analytics?

Examination help you to figure out what your ROI will be. Close by commitment measurements, you’ll be looking for investigation for the stage the small scale influencer employments.


Google Analytics will give you an oversight for blog/site measurements, while Iconosquare for Instagram and Page Insights for Facebook can give you a knowledge into investigation for these stages.

With regards to drawing up an agreement for working with a smaller scale influencer, guarantee that examination can be accommodated your crusade before making installment.

[Question #6] Which Previous Collaborations Have Been Your Most Successful?

Ask smaller scale influencers you’re hoping to work with in the event that they have taken a shot at past crusades. This empowers you to see the substance they’ve delivered for different brands, notwithstanding effort investigation.

⟶ What commitment measurements did the battle produce on their stage?

⟶ what number preferences/remarks did brand posts get?

It’s likewise invaluable to take a gander at how this contrasts and their different measurements. On the off chance that their past crusades have pulled in essentially higher or lower numbers in contrast with their standard measurements, it might merit exploring further.

[Question #7] Are You OK With All of the Aspects of the Marketing Campaign?

Before you sign gets, it’s basic to inquire as to whether there are OK with the parts of your promoting effort.


Would they be able to deliver the sort of substance you need them to create?

Would they be able to pursue brand rules, the required organization, and length of the crusade?

Is it true that they are ready to accurately unveil the coordinated effort?

Is it true that they are ready to share their substance before it goes live?

Would they be able to make amendments whenever required?

Meeting these understandings will make your crusade fruitful and guarantee you’re en route to meeting your ROI objectives.

[Question #8] Are You Aware of Our Brand?

In the event that a small scale influencer knows about your image and is a fan, they may have just delivered substance on your items or administrations. This implies a paid coordinated effort will seem progressively normal and true to their group of spectators, inciting a positive response.

Smaller scale influencers who are aficionados of your image may likewise be eager to order a lower charge or work as a byproduct of free items/administrations.

A fast hunt of their web based life or blog can ordinarily feature examples of brand makes reference to. Moreover, a Google search may raise smaller scale influencers who have referenced your image or items.

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[Question #9] What Platforms Do You Use?

While numerous smaller scale influencers utilize online life to share content, numerous additionally possess sites, sites, and YouTube channels.


Some influencers may approach magazines and TV, so there’s a more extensive open door for them to advance your image.

[Question #10] Are You Working, or Have You Worked, With Competitors?

In case you’re anticipating working with smaller scale influencers, all things considered, your rivals are doing likewise.

Inquire as to whether they’ve worked with your rivals, and in what limit. Investigate their past battles and discover their logical outcomes. You may find that there are angles you can improve, or you might most likely use a few points of their battles.

On the off chance that a miniaturized scale influencer will be working with a contender around a similar time as you plan to, you may want to keep down until their battle has been advanced.

[Question #11] How Often Do You Collaborate on Paid Partnerships?

Ask influencers how frequently they take a shot at paid associations.

Working with a smaller scale influencer who teams up on a great deal of paid associations may not enable your image to battle, as it could seem deceptive to their group of spectators.

An influencer who takes a shot at

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